We are all special, all precious and most importantly all different. As human beings we are not necessarily own best judge. Our job here at Bijoux is to listen to your concerns, your desires and wishes, then help you look your very best in the most natural way possible. We are aware that your face is as special and individual as you are.

We are here to give you sound, unbiassed advice based on scientific principles, our long experience and our artistic flair. We want you to look your best.

Thanks to advanced techniques, sophisticated products, profound understanding of the facial structure and nearly 30 years of experience, Dr Elisabeth Dancey and her colleagues Faye Parker, Katarzyna Zur and Jit Tobin can deal with the issues that cause us to look old, tired or simply not our best. We can deal with the effects of disease, disfigurement and damage that we have been told to “learn to live with”.

Our 3D Life Viz camera can capture the image and portray you in 3D, including what lies beneath the surface – evidence of sun exposure, pollution damage and age-related changes…

… changes that we can address, slowing down the course of ageing, reversing the visible and hidden effects of age; and quite simply embellishing the features that you have. Everybody benefits from a bit of polishing!