The treatment area is first discussed and identified. Areas of hollow, emptiness or sinking are obvious but other areas just look wrinkly, ruffled or no longer smooth, for example the chin, forehead, temples or crows’ feet area/cheek prominence.

The patient is sat up at 45 degrees to simulate gravity and the area marked with a make-up pen. The markings usually resemble a fan shape. A small dot of local anaesthetic is injected where the cannula will be inserted to make this part of the treatment pain-free. The cannula is slid gently into the tissues and the treatment begins. We use the most expensive cannulas on the market because we believe that this is part of patient comfort. There is a real difference between good and not-so-good cannulas. The sensation is strange but not painful, more like a pulling or pressure. The treatment itself takes between 2 – 4 minutes per side. The patient is then laid flat and the area gently massaged to ensure even distribution of the filler amongst the tissues.

Once performed, make-up can be applied (sterile Oxygenetix make-up that aids healing and forms a bacteria-proof seal).

The result is immediate. It takes about a week to really settle down. The area can be a bit tender to the touch for a few days. Apart from keeping the treated area clean and dry you may return to normal activities afterwards. Very rarely a bruise might appear.

The lips are a much more sensitive area so we can offer a short-lived dental anaesthetic or simply apply numbing cream for 30 minutes. After treatment of the lips they WILL BE SWOLLEN for up to 3 days. The next morning is always the worst so please pick your treatment time carefully. There is more risk of bruising on the lips.