Whilst many people have an idea of what sort of treatment they want, others seek advice. The most common complaint as we get older is looking “tired” (antiageing), younger people are looking to retain their looks, their youth and to go one step further and to improve upon their natural beauty, so-called “beautification”.

How do we do this?

  1. Restore a more youthful harmony to the shape and balance of the face. Remove lines, shadows, folds and sagging. Return youthful curves and light play in women and strengthen the angles in men.
  2. Reduce or remove muscle overactivity to lift the face, open the eyes, soften the brow and invite more light into the centre of the face.
  3. Remove any unwanted lesions that interrupt the harmony of the face- scars, spots, red veins, brown marks, pigmentation, shadows and eye bags.
  4. Improve the quality and luminescence of the skin with skin care advice, products and treatments.
  5. On the body we can remove lesions, improve the quality of the skin and restore the harmony of the silhouette.