Both PRP and Exokine are regenerative therapies; exciting technology that harnesses the innate capacity to heal, grow and regenerate. Skin tissue (somewhat loosely described as “collagen”) is the most frequently damaged tissue; knocks, bumps, scratches and stretches all threaten the integrity of the skin in the rough and tumble of our lives. The skin recovers without us even noticing, thanks to an array of healing cells and chemical messengers. Ageing, smoking and sun exposure also degrade the integrity of the skin resulting in lines, poor tissue quality and volume loss.

The messengers, known as growth factors, are released at the time of injury and encourage the healing cells into the area to rebuild new tissue.

PRP and Exokine are medical means of concentrating growth factors and healing platelets in order to fast-forward tissue healing and stimulate new growth. Both are derived from our own blood, taken and processed in the clinic.

PRP is the first regenerative method and stems from 50 years research.

EXOKINE is a sophistication of the PRP method. By incubating the blood that we take the amount of growth factors increases by up to one hundred. The resulting serum is filtered to remove any cell fragments, making it super-pure, non-irritating and ideal for any area in the face or body. Like PRP, Exokine is used mostly in the world of orthopaedics and sports medicine but has now been licenced for use on the ageing face.


Blood is taken from the arm (just like a blood test) and then put in the incubator for six hours prior to being centrifuged, filtered, labelled and stored in the freezer. Once we have taken the blood you may go home and have the treatment at any time in the future at your convenience. Our only request is that we take the blood before midday to give us time to process the blood 6 hours later. We take enough blood for the full three treatments in one go.


The face can be quite sensitive so we apply numbing cream beforehand. There can also be some bruising and swelling especially if the eye area has been treated, so please plan any treatment to give yourself a few days of recovery.


The initial treatment course consists of three treatments, spaced two weeks apart. This should be sufficient for a year.


Results are quite subtle but lasting and show on camera. Improved skin quality, freshness and brightened complexion are what most people achieve. The results develop gradually over the next six months and remain for a good year, providing of course that you take care of your general health and that of your skin.

Platelet Rich Plasma