Loose skin and sagging is primarily due to volume loss. Loose skin can accumulate on the jawline and break up the clean angle of the jaw. In the first instance volume replacement can lift the jawline. However there can be a limit to this and skin tightening is required. With any technique, combinations give a better result than single treatment modalities.

Any treatment that heats up the skin will make it shrink. However the key is to shrink the skin safely and evenly. Fractional resurfacing such as eMatrix is one of these treatments. eMatrix delivers the heating energy to the top of the dermis layer and creates a halo of heat in the collagen layer.

Some people may not like the relative down-time of the eMatrix treatment and prefer to opt for a more gentle skin tightening. This is where the Venus RF treatment comes in.

Venus RF skin tightening is a heating wand that is moved over the skin of the face or body. The heat is generated deep in the tissues and causes collagen shrinkage, improved blood supply and lymphatic drainage without any downtime. Venus RF treatment is pleasant and relaxing.

After the treatment the skin is red and hot, although not burning, and this heat should be retained as long as possible for the best results – wrap up warm after the treatment rather than cool down!!

Venus RF achieves results initially for a few weeks then for longer. Each treatment provides longer lasting results so that after about 10 treatments you should have one every three to six months. Because Venus RF is a gentle treatment you should see it as a maintenance treatment.