Radiesse is a filler made from tiny spheres of calcium hydroxyapatite, used in dentistry, and not hyaluronic acid. For a long time we held back on using it for no real reason. However it now has over 20 years safety history and very good, longlasting results, around 2 years. The development of the cannula allows us to feel safe about using it. We recommend it to anybody who is certain about having fillers and would like results that are longlasting and value for money; probably somebody who has had HA fillers in the past. Please be aware that unlike HA fillers, Radiesse cannot be removed or dissolved. We recommend Radiesse for people that require a lot of volume, or who have not been satisfied by HA fillers, or who have very soft tissues that do not seem to hold HA fillers.

Radiesse is a much underestimated and under used product for filling and new collagen creation. During the two year lifetime of the calcium microspheres new collagen is built up. This provides a double benefit of a two year result and new tissue creation.

Radiesse can also be used as a collagen stimulant in its own right and is particularly useful around the jawline where strength rather than volume is required.