Biorevitalisation in a gel. PRX-T33 is a gel containing the peeling agent TCA and hydrogen peroxide. Sounds lethal but at low concentrations hydrogen peroxide enables the TCA to pass thought the outer layers of the skin directly into the dermis where it can stimulate release of growth factors. Growth factors bring about healing and repair. PRX T refreshes the skin but without any downtime.

PRX T33 is a patented skin treatment solution that is massaged into the skin in three layers. Each layer brings a bit more of a tingly sensation but mothing unbearable. Once all of the product has been absorbed the face is washed, dried and a moisturiser applied.

The treatment is repeated every week for three to six weeks, depending on the needs of the skin. Growth factors work at their nest in an acid environment, so a glycolic acid gel is given as part of the treatment for you to use at home.


Who makes these names up? Reverse PRX T is for the gradual treatment of pigmentation – melasma and post inflammatory hyperpigmentation. The protocol is more complex with several applications and product left to act a bit longer. However the treatment still takes less than 30 minutes and has no after effects. Treatment of any pigmentation must be accompanied by sun avoidance and can take time.

How does it feel?

PRX T 33 and Reverse peel can be a bit tingly when applied but this stops immediately at the end of the procedure. The skin feels fresh and alive afterwards. Make-up can be applied. Many people like this treatment to boost the skin prior to a photoshoot or special event.

COMBINING PRX-T33 with other treatments.

Since PRX-T33 stimulates growth factor release and does not damage the outer layers of skin, it can be combined with microneedling to enhance the results. PRX-T33 is advised for the treatment of sun damaged skin, lines, thick skin and acne scars; Revere PRX-T33 and microneedling is recommended for the more aggressive treatment of pigmentation.