Peeling is an act that instantly rejuvenates the skin. It’s like a fast-forward. Peeling is nearly 100 years old and although the solutions available to us haven’t changed much, the sophistication of their delivery and the recovery agents have. Ideally the skin should be prepared for two weeks beforehand to allow the peeling solution to act uniformly on the skin and to enable the skin to heal rapidly. Skin preparation is not absolutely necessary for pale skins type 1 and 2 but is essential for darker skins and those more prone to rebound pigmentation.

Peeling is primarily recommended to reverse sundamage, thick skin, sun-induced pigmentation, open pores and acne.

We can use gentle peeling with no down time or stronger agents for a more substantial down time but better result. This depends entirely on your needs.

Gentle peeling is what it says – gentle - and is totally tolerable in terms of sensation and recovery. Very little peeling takes place and there is no downtime. The procedure should be repeated every two weeks for a total of about six sessions. We can use various peeling agents including glycolic, mandelic, lactic and salicylic acids. Very often these are mixed with retinol or other agents to perfect the results.

More intense peeling uses the chemical peeling agent TCA. This can be delivered at varying strengths to achieve different depths of peel. At Bijoux we prefer to stay within the safety zones so will use up to 18%. With good skin preparation and pre-peel cleansing this is perfectly adequate to achieve a full peel with good results and about five days peeling.

With all peels half the results can be achieved by the peel itself and the other half are up to the care you take before and after the procedure. Best results will be seen at three months. All peels can be repeated.