The MONSTER FACIAL is our name for a combination of several skin treatments that when combined have an effect greater than when performed separately. In other words they are complimentary.

Just about any combination of skin treatments are possible. Microneedling allows greater penetration of products applied to the skin as well as providing the stimulation that wakes up collagen production. Depending on your skin we can combine the following:

Microneedling – PRX T – Dermalux – for acne scars, thick, lined sun exposure skin, pigmentation.

Microneedling – REVERSE PRX - T – Dermalux – for gentle treatment of pigmentation and melasma

Microneedling – Platelet-rich plasma – Dermalux - for maintenance of youthful skin, prevention.

Microneedling – Hyaluronic acid mask – dermalux – for intense hydration.

Whilst the treatment might be described as “monstrous” we are not monsters and we always apply numbing cream to the area before treatment. Each treatment can be performed on the face and neck or the decollete. Any area of the body can be treated, however the face, neck and decollete respond the best. Each treatment takes a full hour. Please arrive early for numbing cream.