Microneedling is a proven treatment to improve the quality of skin. It reduces acne scars, pigmentation and fine lines and improves the texture of skin. In the long term it will slow down the ageing process of the skin. It is about the only treatment that people are happy to talk about in public!!

Microneedling works by producing a controlled level of stimulation to the skin. The needles, mounted on a vibrating device, penetrate into the level of the papillary dermis where the regenerating cells are found and stimulate them into action. Such a controlled “wound” brings about a healing response; new collagen creation, skin tightening and general revitalisation of the tissues.

The treatment is combined with a serum to enhance the results. The serum allows the needles to glide over the skin without pulling but also penetrates into the skin to nourish the deeper tissues. Various serums can be used according to the requirements of the skin. Most of the serums are based on hyaluronic acid: vitamins, minerals and growth factors can also be added. In our “Monster Facial” we combine microneedling with your own growth factors as platelet rich plasma, or peeling such as PRX-T. For a small additional charge you will achieve far more with the monster facial.