Threads have been around for many years but recently they have become very sophisticated – thank goodness.

We use three sorts of threads; mono threads, volumizing threads and lifting threads.

Mono threads are a simple thread mounted on a fine needle. They are inserted just under the skin and contribute to skin quality, elasticity and general volume.

Prior to the procedure we make the face numb with local anaesthetic cream for 30 minutes and then the procedure is totally tolerable.

Mono threads improve skin quality, radiance and texture and to a small degree contribute to lift and volume.

Volumising threads are a more chunky version of mono threads. They are mounted on a cannula and are placed rather like a filler, using the cannula, in a similar place. Volumising threads work by stimulating collagen around them. Volumising threads work well for the nose to mouth area where fillers can be displaced.

Lifting threads are becoming more and more sophisticated. Boffins in Korea are aiming to achieve a thread that lasts for a long time, has a uniform dimension and no weak spots, is strong but soft and achieves a lift. Thankfully now we can say that these goals have been achieved. Lifting threads can be made from PDO or PCL, both materials used in the human body for many years. PCL is a very soft material so is far more tolerable in the long term. It is also longer lasting and for safety, the metabolism of PCL can be hastened by intense heat, such as radiofrequency. This means that the thread can be “dissolved” if absolutely necessary.

The shapes of lifting threads have been improved for maximum lift and durability. All lifting threads are now placed using cannula, so bruising is minimised and damage to other structures far less of a risk.

Normally five threads are inserted in a parallel fashion on the sides of the face. The face is made numb so that the passage of the cannula is not felt. Preparation of the face which includes the drawing and numbing takes longer that the treatment itself. The whole treatment takes less than an hour.

The face, jawline and forehead can be treated with threads.

The dermalux red light device is used after the treatment to speed up the recovery and healing process and allows you to rest for 20 minutes. Homeopathic Arnica and other remedies are available to hasten the healing process.

Results from the new threads should last about 18 – 24 months.