Another HA based skin hydrating treatment. Juverderm Volite is injected into the skin to add hydration. It gives a near-instant boost to the skin, freshening the complexion and reducing fine lines.

Juvederm Volite is administered as a series of intradermal injections so numbing cream is essential beforehand. There is a slightly higher risk of small bruises owing to the number of injection points. The treatment is repeated every six months or sooner if necessary.


Profhilo and Juvederm Volite are hydrating treatments designed to hydrate the upper layers of the skin. Juvederm Volite works on the upper layers of the skin whilst Profhilo probably works a bit deeper down, providing long-term restructuring as well.

These treatments hydrate the skin and are recommended for those with dry, lacklustre skin, fine lines and textural abnormalities. They are also recommended as a first treatment to add a very subtle overall softening to the ageing process and for those who are a bit timid about using fillers in the first instance, or who are lucky (or young) enough not to need fillers.

They also have a place to play as maintenance or perfection of a filler treatment.