IPL (Intense Pulsed Light) is a light-based treatment for pigmentation and red veins. The spectrum that is emitted from the treatment head is wide enough to deal with both red veins and pigmentation. Because the treatment is also stimulating to the regenerative layer of the skin, it is also a rejuvenating treatment. It is known as photorejuvenation and will achieve a gentle, fresh soft skin after a few treatments.

As with the laser a patch test is required to ensure that the dosage is correct. Normally three to four treatment sessions are required. All light-based treatments work on the fact that the target area picks up the energy from the light. Brown spots, red veins for example. A plain, white background means that the energy is directed solely to the target areas. Thus a pale, non-sun exposed or coloured (including fake tan) skin is the best candidate for IPL treatments and will achieve the best results.