Times and ideas have moved on since the days of filling lips, nose to mouth lines, even cheeks. Now that we understand the real benefits of HA fillers (and indeed of any sort of non-surgical facial treatments) we can safely recommend a lot more fillers. Gone are the days when one or two syringes did the trick. Since we can now address all areas of the face, why not treat the whole face to achieve a perfect result? By using more fillers, 3-4ml at a time, we can improve the whole face, restore volume, support and structure. With or without botulinum toxin we can soften the effect of the facial muscles on the fat stores and bony skeleton, reducing the ageing process through wear, tear, uneven gravitational forces and movement.

Don’t be put off by the idea of using, say 10 syringes of filler. Not all at once but in several treatments spread over a time period that suits you. Imagine how this might add up in a full-face rejuvenation: cheeks – 2ml; forehead 1ml, temples 1ml, sides of face 2ml, mouth area 2ml, lips 1ml plus 1 ml to smooth the lines. The treatment will not only replenish the face but bring about the positive effects on the ageing process now so well understood.

Subsequent annual treatments will require only 3 – 4 ml to maintain the results.