Ageing hands are a give-away. Just as the face, volume loss makes the hands look old and tired and is the cause of crepy skin.

Volume can be added as a filler using a cannula. The results last a year. The treatment follows the same plan as the face; a tiny spot of local anaesthetic first then the gentle insertion of the cannula which is barely perceptible. The hands respond immediately. This is the first and foremost treatment for the hands; restore the underlying volume loss. We use Juvederm Voluma.

Skin quality can be improved by using a skin boosting filler, such as Juvederm Volite to hydrate the skin itself resulting in softer, nourished skin. Juvederm Volite requires some numbing cream prior to the tiny injections made into the skin itself to plump and hydrate.

Brown spots can be removed with the Plasmage device or spots of TCA peel. Both of these treatments destroy the thickened brown skin and to allow it to fall off after about ten days. During this time the spots look really dark brown but can be covered with concealer.