Hair and PRP

The hair follicle is a very active, greedy structure and requires a good blood supply bringing in oxygen and nutrition to function at its best. The hair is often the first area to show signs of stress and/or illness. The hair is very sensitive to the circulating male hormones which can be the cause of hair loss (so-called male-pattern balding). The hair follicle is also the target of antibodies in certain auto-immune disease which can interfere with its normal function.

Most of the positive research features the use of PRP for hair regrowth after hair loss and response to hair transplantation surgery. Hair health and hair loss, as explained above, is a complex picture. In order to achieve the best results we recommend that you seek advice from a hair specialist in order to eliminate any of the above and to ensure that the hair follicle gets the best chance of responding to any treatment that we may offer.

We work with Professor Vicky Jolliffe ( and recommend that you consult her in the first instance to enable you to get the best out of your treatment, in the event that she recommends PRP.