This is an electronic dermaroller! Small areas of skin are resurfaced by the radiofrequency (RF) energy force, which is delivered to the skin as lots of tiny “needles”. It feels like little needles but in fact it is the penetration of the energy that is perceived. The energy heats up the skin, concentrating its efforts in the upper layers of the dermis that are responsible for new collagen growth and shrinkage. Only tiny dots are seen at the surface; the tear-drop profile of the energy is critical in achieving good results with very little epidermal damage and hence downtime. Healing takes literally a few days. Over time, the treatment is repeated (about three times) such that the little dots overlap – the whole skin has been rejuvenated.

eMatrix can be used to achieve a full-face rejuvenation with some skin shrinkage or certain areas may be targeted, such as the eyes. It is a particularly effective treatment for baggy or crepy eyes. In this case there may be some swelling for a day or so.