In the right hands, fillers replace lost volume safely and effectively. The fillers most commonly employed at Bijoux are made from hyaluronic acid (HA), the naturally occurring hydrating support substance found in the skin, the eyes and the joints. HA is a large sugar molecule made in a laboratory from the biofermentation of sugar. Bioengineering of the HA gives each filler different properties such as flexibility, strength, softness, durability, cohesivity and pliability allowing us to select the most desirable filler for each area of the face.

Fillers are administered with a cannula; a blunt-tipped flexible needle-like device that allows the filler to be placed exactly in the tissues without pain or risk of cutting or damaging veins, arteries or nerves. The cannula is an alternative to a needle and is preferred for the natural results that can be achieved, less discomfort and bruising, and enhanced safety.

Fillers last about a year in the mobile areas of the face but can last even longer in the less mobile central areas, such as the nose, nose to mouth areas and forehead. HA fillers are gradually metabolised by the enzyme hyaluronidase found naturally in the body. HA is an amazing molecule that hydrates, retains cellular memory, stimulates collagen production, acts as an antioxidant and even relaxes muscles in a process described as biomodulation.

Whilst bad results can be alarming, a filler performed well will not be visible. The results show as enhanced well-being, a less tired look, fresher, younger, prettier and with smoother skin. Whilst we may know somebody that has “overdone it” we are probably unaware of the majority who have achieved natural looking results and just continue to look amazing. There’s probably nobody in the public eye who has not sought help with a few fillers, laser or botulinum toxin.

Using HA fillers

Fillers can be used for every area of the face, according to your personal plan that will be created by Dr Elisabeth Dancey.