For skin rejuvenation, tightening, freshening and complexion clearing.

Let us introduce you to our new device, the Endymed Pro, for complexion clearing and skin tightening. The Endymed comes with a good pedigree – a device that unites the benefits of skin microneedling and deep RF heating – from the creators of the original Genuine Dermaroller.


Microneedling has been used for many years to stimulate skin revitalization. You may remember the excitement of the Dermaroller many years ago. Radiofrequency is excellent at skin tightening but to be effective should be delivered to the whole thickness of the skin from the surface to deep in the dermis. Endymed Pro does exactly this – so clever. The sophistication of the technology allows the gold-plated needles to deliver the heat safely and effectively with constant feedback throughout the depth of the dermis. All levels of the skin receive the beneficial heating with minimal downtime.

The Endymed Intensif allow for skin tightening, lifting, skin refreshing and rejuvenation. This is the needle/RF treatment. It is suitable for any face that is just beginning to show signs of ageing; from the very early sagging, loss of freshness and tired-look to more evident sins of ageing such as volume loss, loss of jawline integrity and serious shadows.

Each treatment takes less than one hour. Numbing cream is essential and is applied in the clinic for a full hour in advance. The numbing cream makes the treatment tolerable. If we need to concentrate around the mouth as can perform a dental block to make this area completely numb.

The face can be a bit red for the rest of the day but the following day the face is presentable. Very rarely you might have a bruise around the eye.


FSR stands for full (and fractional) thickness skin rejuvenation. This is what it does. In the same way that we have used fractionated techniques for laser, RF and all other resurfacing techniques, the Endymed Por FSR resurfaces the skin over three sessions with minimal, if any, downtime.


This is a hard-core version of the FSR designed for around the eye area. Normally we adhere to the factory settings of the device (would you fiddle with your microwave settings?) but the manufacturers recommend a special setting just for the eyes to achieve a realistic lift and freshness. The eyes will be swollen afterwards for 24 hours but the results are equivalent to a non-surgical blepharoplasty, hence the trade name.