Colsculpting = fat reduction.

Coolsculpting, the FDA cleared device now boasts superfast treatment times and more versatile treatment heads, meaning that every unwanted lump and bump can now be reduced. Up to 80% of us have little deposits that we don’t like that are amenable to treatment.

Coolsculpting works by freezing fat cells. Fat is a very fragile tissue, responsive to freezing. The ruptured cells are absorbed by the body over about a week and the results start to show thereafter. The results are at their best at three months and will be permanent if you maintain a stable weight, diet and exercise routine.

Areas that can be treated include:

  • Double chin
  • Fatty backs, bra fat
  • Inner thighs, inner knees
  • Bingo wings
  • Muffin tops, thighs, tummies, post Caesar fat, bottoms.

… well just about anywhere.

How does it feel?

The Coolsculpting head holds onto the fatty area by suction, so initially you feel a bit of suction in the area. This quickly settles down as the treatment continues. The only area that can be a bit tender during treatment is the chin and jawline area, although it is completely tolerable. Once the treatment is finished the suction head is popped off and the area gently massaged. After the treatment you should feel fine, although sometimes a bit chilly. We keep you warm during the procedure. Most of the treatment cycles are now reduced to just over half an hour.

What happens afterwards?

The treated area is a bit swollen and tender for a few days after the treatment but once this subsides the area begins to respond. The results are at their best at three months. The results are durable, providing of course that you maintain your healthy diet and lifestyle. Coolsculpting is a fast-forward to a beautiful figure – not an excuse to indulge more.

How many treatments do I need?

Each treatment head or area is quite small so to achieve the best results you should aim to overlap the treatments and look to having several in quick succession – even in the same day. For example a double chin will require two treatments.


Dr Elisabeth Dancey was the first doctor to introduce medical treatment for cellulite into the UK. Mesotherapy was already being practised in France and mainland Europe; she introduced it in 1993 and wrote the book, The Cellulite Solution a year later. This was the beginning of her successful practice; botox and fillers appeared later.

The understanding of cellulite and the availability of new technologies has given rise to many energy-based treatments that work. Radiofrequency is probably the safest and most commonly used. At Bijoux we have the Venus RF device. This consists of a treatment head that is passed over the legs, tummy and bottom in order to gently heat up the underlying tissues. The RF current heats up the tissues improving circulation and lymphatic drainage. Over time, RF currents will also encourage the tethering fibres to soften and become more elastic, improving the aesthetic look of the lower body and reducing orange peel, puckering tethering and abnormal fat deposits.

The Venus RF treatment is very pleasant and feels like a hot wand. Oil is used to ease the flow of the head over the skin. The treatment takes about 45 minutes.

We will also give some advice on diet, eating habits, lifestyle and exercise.

We stock MACOM anti-cellulite tights which will maintain the results of the Venus RF but also have a therapeutic capability of their own. MACOM fabric is the first techno-textile. It reflects your own body infra-red light to encourage the production of fresh collagen in the skin tissues. The fabric aids healing and reduces inflammation, also an issue in Cellulite. The tights, tops and waist-skimming clothes are super-comfy to wear. You’ll feel naked without them.