The cleansing hydrogen facial is a new device from Korea. Oriental skin is particularly fragile so needs special care. Combined with the demand for perfection in that part of the world, the Hydrogen facial addresses both needs.

The hydrogen facial cleans the face rather like a carpet vacuum – it washes the skin with hydrogen infused water (a very powerful antioxidant) and removes the debris and water. Subsequent passes of the cleaning head apply gentle alpha and beta hydroxy acids to provide a chemical exfoliation and pore cleansing.

Vitamin C is then used in the solution to brighten the skin.

The facial is then completed by a hyaluronic acid mask and galvanic lifting. The whole procedure takes about 45 minutes and leaves your face feeling squeaky clean. Since this is more of an advanced beauty treatment you may have these almost as you like. It’s super treatment to have the day before you want to look stunning!!