“Broken veins” (telangectasia) on the legs can be treated with microsclerotherapy or laser. These little veins appear often as a result of bigger, varicose veins higher up the legs or just bad luck. They are very common.

Microsclerotherapy is a technique that has been practised since the 1930s and involves injecting a solution directly into the little veins to “stick” them together from the inside. Once injected, the veins look a bit worse for a few days before looking slightly better. Each treatment should give 50% improvement which means that after three treatments the veins are pretty much cleared. Sometimes four treatments are required. The treatment intervals are 2 weeks, 2 weeks then 4 weeks. The solution we use is called Fibrovein and is a prescription only medicine.

The needles are very small and the treatment does not hurt.

For those who are truly needle phobic we can use a laser. The laser has several advantages over microsclerotherapy in that there is no product being injected. This means that the chance of an allergic reaction, however small, is reduced to zero.

Laser treatments are spaced apart by six weeks. We still recommend three treatments. Any laser treatment is best performed when the skin is not tanned. The treated areas show a bit of a bruise afterwards which can take a week or so to settle.

One real advantage to the laser is that the power can be adjusted according to the response of the veins. Before you have a treatment we will perform a test patch to set the dosage to a level suitable fro your skin type.