The upper eye lids frequently gather surplus skin. Thanks to the development of plasma energy in the aesthetic field we can safely deliver a skin-shrinking energy to the upper lids, resulting in a non-surgical eye lid reduction. Plasma energy is the fourth state of matter, visible in the aurora borealis, flames and lightening storms. Plasma energy flows sideways on impact rather than burrowing down, enable the skin of the eyelids to be a perfect target. The device we use is called PLASMAGE and delivers tiny streams of plasma energy to the skin via a hand-held device. Numbing cream is applied for a good 30 minutes so that the procedure is tolerable.

After the treatment there will be some considerable swelling for up to a week. The next day you won’t really want to go out but thereafter make-up will conceal most of the swelling. Exercise and activity will help the swelling go down.

The results are seen for a fleeting moment before the swelling sets in, then really show after three weeks and continues to develop over the next six months.