Our skin is one of our witnesses to our health. It is one of the organs that is constantly visible and open for scrutiny. (The back of the eye is another, but you need an opthalmoscope). Our skin reflects the lifetime exposure to free radicals such as smoking and sun, reflects our hydration levels and hormone status. Viewers can judge us by the quality of our skin – how old we are, what sort of life we have lived and how we take care of ourselves.

We have the Life Viz 3D camera to analyse your skin in order to create a treatment programme. A simple click of the shutter and few minutes waiting will provide us with a unique insight into the condition of the skin. Open pores, wrinkles, red veins, patches of pigmentation and oily areas show up and are compared with the average for your age and skin type. Volume and response to treatment can also be quantified allowing us to plan and monitor treatment as we go along.

Knowing what lies beneath can allow us to target our treatment especially in the case of red veins. What may appear as brown to the naked eye is often a combination of red veins and pigmentation – treatment of the pigmentation alone will not cure the problem.

There are many ways to improve the quality of the skin and to turn back the clock. Many if not all of these treatment rely on the fact that the skin wants to heal itself; it just needs a helping hand. Anything that wakes up this natural healing process is considered to be a rejuvenating treatment. You will see that many treatments overlap with others and that combinations of treatments will achieve the best results.