Inspired by ancient wisdom Albiva has exclusive credentials; sustainable plant-based ingredients in eco-friendly packaging, researched and referenced by PhD scientists. The presentations are simple in terms of benefits but belie the intensity, sophistication and efficacy of the many ingredients contained within. Every single ingredient in the Albiva range has been included for its activity on the skin and its sustainability. Even water has been replaced by something more pure and more effective; raspberry water.

Albiva recognises that the skin needs a wide range of nutrients and plant-based active ingredients to function perfectly, not just a few, so many products are combined in the LIFTING AND FIRMING or NOURISHING AND HEALING FACIALS. Every product is a well-researched complementary mix of plant-based extracts with proven therapeutic properties.

Albiva facials are profoundly warming, soothing and relaxing and are designed to cleanse, relax, improve circulation and lymphatic drainage. Albiva products are used at each stage of the treatment and have been selected to nourish and address the needs of the skin.

The Albiva facial is more of a journey than a facial. Albiva facials recognise that the function and appearance of the face depends on the health or otherwise of adjoining structures. The neck holds tension as does the scalp and these need to be relaxed before any positive results are achieved for the face. The facial starts with a gentle mobilisation of the neck and ends with a scalp massage. During the facial the skin, circulation, lymph drainage and musculature of the face are treated using Albiva products; their properties being read out in a soft voice reinforcing the benevolence of nature and informing you of the amazing potential of these products.