Disturbance of the normal skin function can lead to spots, rosacea and acne. All of these skin conditions require careful, holistic treatment over a period of time. There are no fast fixes for skin problems.

Acne (and to a lesser degree spots) is due to an imbalance of normal skin events; epidermal shedding, sebum production, microbiome stability and localised inflammation. Treatment is aimed at all these factors in order to achieve a lasting resolution.

Preparation of the skin starts with a six week skin cycle treatment using the ZO products to normalise epidermal shedding, oil production and microbiome health. Sometimes this is all that is required. The strength of the skin care products can be increased along the way or other treatments can be introduced. It’s a dynamic process.

Peeling can help to reduce the thickness of the dead skin layer, the stratum corneum. Peeling with gentle acids will also help to restore the skin pH and, when combined with salicylic acid, reduce open pores, blackheads and sebum.

Blue light (part of the Dermalux treatment) is a natural antibiotic and will help to reduce the population of acne-producing bacteria.