The temptation to call this a peel is overwhelming since the product is based on the peeling agent TCA and hydrogen peroxide. However it is far more than a peel, especially as there is no peeling, and no needles. It is completely innovative. It is a skin rejuvenator; an biostimulator, a redermalising product. It is pain free with no down time.

PRx-T works on the fact that hydrogen peroxide at low doses protect the tissues unlike high doses which are quite toxic. With the protection afforded by the H2O2, TCA bypasses the epithelium (hence no pain or peeling) penetrates the skin and causes the release of growth factors. Growth factors commence the healing process which minimises lines, tightens skin, reduces scars and rejuvenates the dermis. Growth factors also create some swelling which provides an immediate result.

PRx-T is rubbed into clean skin. It feels a bit like having a gentle peel for one or two minutes, then is washed off. Moisturiser is applied. The skin will be instantly hydrated, looking fresher and brighter, and although this effect is short-lived it is a sign of things to come. The next day it might be a bit dry and feel as if you have had a gentle peel. There is no peeling and no bruising.

PRx-T should be performed every week for up to six weeks; three for normal skin but six for skin that needs a bit more help – lines, wrinkles, sun damage, volume loss, skin laxity. The results last for a year or so, since they are due to the regeneration of your own collagen and support tissues.

PRx-T is also recommended for the treatment of scars, skin laxity on the body, pigmentation and stretch marks.
PRx-T can also be combined with just about any other treatment, in fact when combined with other stimulating treatments such as dermastamp for scars or mesotherapy for skin quality the results equal more than the sum of both procedures performed individually.