eMatrix fractional resurfacing

Full thickness skin resurfacing remains the gold standard for skin rejuvenation, however very few people now practice this owing to the downtime, risks and discomfort.

However, by resurfacing the skin in pin points all over the face similar results can be achieved. Each time the treatment is performed the treated areas overlap, so after three treatments most of the skin will have been treated. It's a bit like resurfacing through a sieve a few times over.

The untreated areas allow the skin to recover incredibly quickly. Even one treatment will achieve results, let's say 30% of a full thickness treatment. This makes sense since only 30% of the skin is treated. This might be enough for your needs.

We use the eMatrix for fractional skin resurfacing. The profile of radiofrequency energy that is delivered to the skin targets the papillary dermis, the area from which the skin grows. The very surface, the epidermis, gets very little energy meaning that pain and downtime is minimal. The energy is directed to the very area that requires treatment - the dermis.

eMatrix can be used to treat the whole face as well as the eyes. We use the specially designed focal tip in order to get close to the eyes, turn the power down and make three passes. The skin heals quickly and the results show within the next few weeks.