In women the skin is supported by the female hormone, oestrogen, levels of which slowly decline from the age of about 35, well before the menopause. After the menopause the skin can become noticeably thinner. In men, the skin is supported by testosterone, the levels of which remain stable until very late in life. This is why men’s skin looks so good for so long. We have many minimally invasive, gentle procedures to improve the quality, bounce and appearance of the skin.

Hyaluronic acid can be used specifically to treat the skin itself, adding hydration, bounce, tone, colour and plumpness. Restylane Vital is a hyaluronic acid specially engineered to add hydration and volume to the skin.

Restylane vital is a great treatment for all ages; it can be used as the first treatment to allow you to appreciate the benefits of hyaluronic acid without changing the volume of your face. It can be used in combination with classical HA fillers to maintain the plumpness and vitality of the skin at any age.

Restylane Vital is performed as a series of very fine injections into the face. Numbing cream is applied beforehand. There is a small risk of bruising which may last a few days.


Dr Elisabeth Dancey introduced mesotherapy to the UK in 1993. Very specific mixtures have been created by pharmaceutical companies that include vitamins, minerals, amino acids and hormones that will directly nourish and support the skin. Tiny injections are made all over the face to ensure that they imbibe these factors to maintain the complexion. As we age the supply of these factors decreases so by providing them from the outside we are ensuring optimum nutrition for the skin.

Brightening facial

The eDermastamp can be administered in two ways, gently or deeply. When we have the settings on the device low there is no discomfort at all and the needles only just penetrate the skin. It feels like a tickle. The serum that we use can be rich and hydrating or exfoliating and lightening. The skin will be a little red for 30 minutes afterwards. The results of this treatment are not as good or long lasting as the full-on eDermastamp, but are a great way to maintain freshness and brightness without the down time. For best results this treatment should be repeated every month.

Open pores

Open pores are common and we don't always know why they appear. Sometimes sun exposure, age, oily skin type and skin laxity cause open pores; some people are just prone to them. The best treatments for open pores are the eMatrix, the brightening facial and peeling.