Faye has been drawing in eyebrows and other facial and body features for the last ten years. Her artistry and gentleness combine together to give you a natural result. Basically it is a tattoo, but performed with medical grade equipment and FDA approved medical grade inks based on iron pigments.

Eyebrows can disappear with age, plucking, disease (e.g. alopecia) and chemotherapy. By simply tattooing them back again the whole face can be returned to being complete. Semi-permanent make-up can be used elsewhere; lips, eyeliner and nipples in the case of breast reconstruction.

At the first consultation Faye will discuss the colour, shape and position of eyebrows or other areas that you would like. Most people ask for a natural result and Faye is happy to provide this. However the first treatment always looks far too dark before it lightens as the pigment settles into the skin. Be patient as the final result is just what you are looking for.

A long time ago we decided to provide semi-permanent make-up for eyebrows free of charge to anybody receiving chemotherapy. This offer still remains. It's nice to give something back in an ever-commercial world.