Red veins can be due to early sun exposure or may be a sign of rosacea. Rosacea is a skin disease that is not well understood but the basic characteristics are of a very sensitive skin that reacts to heat, cold, alcohol, foods and coffee. Either way, red veins respond well to either Intense Pulsed Light (IPL) orNdYAG laser.


Brown spots on the face are due to sun exposure and are known as lentigines or solar lentigos. It is always worth checking that they are nothing more sinister. Brown spots respond well to peeling, IPL or cryotherapy.


IPL is a light-based treatment that targets coloured lesions in the skin such as red veins, acne-forming bacteria and pigment. It also generally stimulates the collagen-making fibroblasts. Coloured lesions are destroyed by the light and are removed as the skin undergoes its normal cycle. Collagen stimulation contributes to the general eclat and pureness of the skin creating a fine uniform complexion. IPL is suitable for lighter skin types and for the treatment of active acne.


We have the Cutera Nd YAG laser which specifically targets red veins. The laser is more powerful than IPL in treating veins and less treatments are required.

The laser can be used as a facial. By wafting the laser beam over the face without contact, the warming rays will stimulate collagen synthesis, slowly eliminate red veins and generally freshen the face. This treatment is called Lasergenesis and is recommended to improve skin quality, pore size, redness and complexion. Several treatments are required spaced four weeks apart. Lasergenesis does not hurt, it feels warm and relaxing.