This is the most exciting treatment that we offer in that it appears to be able to reverse the effects of age on the tissues of the face, in fact any treatment area. Plasma therapy was developed to repair injured and inflamed tendons, periodontal areas and other parts of the body that can be slow to heal. Now we use it on the face to revitalise all the tissues; skin, fat pads, muscle and most excitingly, the bone.

The key to a successful treatment is how the blood and platelets are treated during the extraction process. The vital growth factors are held within the fragile platelets. Rupture or activation of the platelets too early in the process means that the growth factors will start to degrade and be less active. We use the PROTEAL system (a trade-marked process) that preserves the integrity of the platelets right up to the injection.

Some growth factors are found in the plasma itself. Many systems separate the platelets from the plasma, use the platelet rich plasma (PRP) then discard the plasma that is poor in platelets (platelet poor plasma). Many good growth factors are thrown away in this process. This is why we use all of the plasma that has been harvested.

The reality is that we are still learning about the science and developing the technique. This is one of the most exciting areas of medicine. We can use our own plasma to heal ourselves. Furthermore the tissues are so intelligent that they respond only as necessary, according to our personal blueprint held in our DNA.

PRP can be injected anywhere to achieve rejuvenation. Scars, however old, respond well. The delicate eye area responds well to PRP, likewise skin quality.

The number of treatments depends on the condition of the skin or underlying tissues. A young person who wishes to maintain their looks might just need one treatment per year. Three treatments one month apart are recommended for most people. Maintain the results with a yearly treatment.

Plasma can be administered with fillers at the same treatment in order to achieve instant volume and rejuvenation. Plasma aids healing from fractional resurfacing, Dermaroller and other invasive methods of rejuvenation. Wherever you need healing, think plasma.

The treatment is not painful although numbing cream is available. It is administered with a fine needle. It swells a bit afterwards and can bruise occasionally. The best results are seen three months after the treatment. People will just say that you look well.

Plasma can also be used for acne scars, post-operative and burn scars. It can be used for tendinitis, muscle injuries and in fact anywhere that requires repair and regeneration.

Platelet Rich Plasma