Peeling is a long-standing technique that reverses sun damage, softens fine lines and refines the complexion. The deeper the peel then the better the results, but of course life is not that straightforward and we will adapt the peel according to your needs and restrictions.

Superficial peeling

A gentle peel uses naturally-occurring weak acids (alpha hydroxyl acids) and will exfoliate the upper layers of the epidermis, leaving a fresher, cleaner skin with less pigment irregularities and more hydration. To achieve the best results gentle peels are repeated every two weeks for about six treatments. In between use the products that we provide; peeling is not just about what happens in the clinic, it depends on you maintaining the results in between.

We use a variety of weak acids such as lactic, azelaic, mandelic, glycolic, all of which provide a gentle exfoliation with just a few days of dryness after the peel.

Medium depth peeling; TCA, chemical peeling

The word “Chemical peel” is often used for stronger peels where the solution acts deeper on the skin to provide a better, quicker result but with more peeling. Medium depth peels achieve a result after just one treatment but with peeling for about five days. However there is always an “in-between” where we can control the medium depth peel but repeat it every two weeks for three sessions. In this case there is no down time as such but the results will be the same as a one-off peel. We call this one layer TCA.