Jit qualified in her native Thailand in full body and remedial massage. She trained not at a beauty institute but a university hospital since massage is very much part of the medical system in Thailand. Her treatments have evolved since living in the UK. In the East many people suffer malnutrition, homelessness, poverty and injuries, but in the West these things are thankfully absent. Our problems lie in the so-called diseases of affluence; stress, work and home pressure, life experience and conflict which impinge on our minds and show on the body as pain, headaches, tension, premature ageing.

Jit's massage technique addresses the effect on the body of the mind and aims to influence the mind through the body. She combines Thai massage with aromatherapy oils, foot pressure, acupressure and muscle releasing techniques. She is attuned to your needs and will massage in accordance with the underlying problem.


Thai Yoga Massage

Thai yoga massage
•Relaxes shoulder and back pain, neck tension, joint stiffness and headaches
•Boosts energy
•Helps relax, lower tension and improve circulation
•Increases flexibility
•Helps improve low moods, depression and anxiety
•Releases mental and emotional stress
•Improves fibromyalgia

Thai yoga massage originated in India as a treatment for Buddhist Monks and peasant workers alike. It encompasses many aspects of Ayurveda, massage, stretching and yoga and has developed over its 2,500 years of history.

Thai Yoga massage works in both Eastern and Western interpretations of health and energy. It stretches and relaxes tight muscles, mobilises joints and increases circulation and lymphatic drainage, it maintains flexibility in the ligaments and tendons and relaxes and realigns the fascia, the connective tissues that envelops the body underneath the skin.

Every part of our body has a “memory” of good and bad. Bad memory may be stored in the muscles, fascia or other tissues in response to injury, stress or unpleasant situations. This causes a blockage in the free flow of energy throughout the body and in the Eastern tradition builds up and blocks the healthy functioning of the whole body. Once the blockage is released the body can re-establish a healthy, free energy flow which leads to better functioning and a greater appreciation of health and life itself. One benefit of Thai Yoga massage is a sensation of freedom, easy movement and better sleep.

Other benefits arise from the muscle relaxation and realignment. Pain, chronic stress and poor posture are improved. Digestive abnormalities can ease.

No ordinary massage...

Thai Yoga massage is no ordinary massage; it is a true therapeutic experience and equates to many sessions of manipulation, muscle stretching, relaxation and body realignment.

The treatment is performed on a soft mat on the floor. The therapist starts at the feet and slowly works up the legs to the hips, using a series of stretching and mobilising moves. You wear soft clothing (preferably yoga style stretchy clothing) so that the therapist can place you in various positions to obtain the best stretch. Some of the work might feel a little uneasy but the key is to relax and let it go – along with the tension held in the body. It’s like being a rag doll. As the treatments develop you will feel the body relaxing and letting go more and more readily.

Slowly the emphasis is moved up the body and the back and arms are worked on; stretched, manipulated and mobilised. Any tension in the body should fall away – at this stage you are in a deep relaxation.

Once the front of the body has received the treatment the back is worked upon furthering the state of relaxation and muscle softening. There will still be some areas that feel tight but you will be amazed how they loosen with subsequent treatments and be able to measure your improvement by this.

Some final sitting work focusses on the upper back, neck, shoulders, face and head as you begin to reawaken and appreciate that the experience has passed through your body, leaving you in a state of peace, relaxation and expectancy of improvement over the following weeks.

Thai yoga massage is best appreciated as a series of treatments to create a whole body long-term improvement. One treatment may feel good but six will provide you with an amazing turn-round of your whole system both in terms of relaxation, pain relief and realignment and in terms of “energy”.

The treatment takes 2 hours after which you can “float” back to normal activities. You can maximise the benefits of the treatment by doing any relaxation and/or postural exercises such as Tai Chi, Yoga or Pilates and following the recommendations of your therapist. By now we all understand that we have to help ourselves to obtain the best results.

Any Thai Yoga massage treatment is preceded by a consultation where your needs are explored and areas to which special attention should be paid discussed. There are a few conditions where Thai Yoga massage is not recommended. These are as follows:



Infection especially of a joint.

Recent injury (please check with the therapist and your specialist)

Severe illness of any nature including malignancy.

Dislike of being touched and manipulated.

The treatment involves some close body work with touch in some areas that might be considered personal - inner thighs, tummy, sternum (breastbone). There may be some physical contact with the body of the therapist.