Healthy Skin

A flawless skin makes us look younger and feel better. Many psychological issues arise from an imperfect skin and we are very much aware of this. Most flaws of the skin are caused by an underlying disorder, although doctors cannot always identify the cause. Stress, infection, sun exposure, sunburn, poor diet, hormonal and genetic factors are most often the cause.

Treatments for skin quality aim to recreate the healing response in the skin. Stimulating the skin encourages the release of growth-factors and other collagen and elastin-boosting compounds. Such stimuli include the new eDermastamp (replacing the Dermaroller), IPL, Lasergenesis and peeling.

E Dermastamp is the upgrade to the mediaeval torture device known as the Dermaroller. Dermaroller is an amazing device that improves skin quality, density, elasticity and complexion. The dermastamp provides even better results and quicker healing due to the controlled movement of the needles. The many microneedles bounce in and out of the skin causing a controlled trauma, releasing loads of growth factors that bring about new collagen synthesis. The treatment is very flexible; use gently for a brightening facial with no down time and a bit deeper for revitalisation. A course of three treatments is recommended each one four weeks apart. Edermastamp is highly recommended for all types of scarring; acne and traumatic and post-operative.

IPL (Intense Pulsed Light) is a light based treatment that reduces red veins and pigmentation. It also freshens the skin providing all-round revitalisation. It is suitable for paler skin types.

Lasergenesis describes the wand-like action of the Nd YAG laser as it is passed over the skin in a revitalising facial

Skin thickening creams

If you are not for the needle, then we do stock a few creams that thicken the skin. Of course any cream will improve skin quality but both of these products are supported by peer-reviewed medical papers.


Atrofillin restores the thickness of the skin and diminishes sun-induced brown spots. This can be used in conjunction with any of our treatments. Results are seen after two to three weeks.


Fillerina is an advanced cream that contains six different hyaluronic acids with different molecular structures to reach the different layers of the skin. It is a cream that should be applied twice a day. The hyaluronic acid passes through the skin to rehydrate and revitalise the tissues below, without a needle.