Just like the face the hands can lose volume causing thin, wrinkled hands with crepy skin. This is one of the most aging aspects and now one of the major demands for aesthetic intervention. As for the face we use hyaluronic acid, either as a one-off treatment with a long lasting hyaluronic acid filler or a gradual build-up with Restylane Vital.

Restylane Vital needs to be performed three times over three months then top ups every 8 - 12 months. Longlasting hyaluronic acid can be performed as a single treatment, although sometimes a top-up is required after a few months, depending on the amount of volume lost.

Platelet rich plasma can also improve skin texture.

Sun exposure causes brown spots on the hands which can be treated in exactly the same way as brown spots on the face or body; IPL, cryotherapy or peeling. Depending on your skin type, your preference and the number and depth of sunspots we can select the treatment that is most suitable for you.