Laser Hair removal

Hair removal is very much part of our everyday grooming. A soft, silky smooth hair-free body without shaving, plucking, waxing is a reality. Laser hair removal is a safe, effective, pain-free manner to minimise those messy, painful and risky procedures to keep us hair-free.

We have the Soprano Blue Diode laser which is FDA cleared for use an all skin types and even with a sun tan. However the clearer, whiter the skin then the better the results will be so it is still recommended not to go in the sun during treatment.

It is the colour of the hair that picks up the laser energy, transmitting it to the bulb of the hair which heats up and becomes destroyed. Dark hair on a white background responds the best and white or very fair hair does not respond at all well. This is why we recommend to have hair removal whilst the hair is still coloured - before it goes white!! This is particularly important in the face and the bikini area.

A patch test is required 24 hours before treatment then the treatment can begin. The hair needs to be shaved the day before treatment. It does not hurt and is not supposed to hurt. Afterwards there may be a tingling sensation. For the face the treatment needs to be repeated every four weeks; for the body every six. Most people require six sessions although some require more.

Hair loss - PRP

Disease, stress and ageing can cause hair loss in men and women of all ages. PRP with its regenerating properties works well for hair loss, but best results are obtained when the underlying problems are explored and treated. Hair is a very active unit and requires plenty of oxygen and nutrients to function at its best. It is also very sensitive to the male hormone androgen. Androgen promotes hair loss, so the action must be stopped if we are to achieve a healthy head of hair. Some hair loss conditions are genetic, auto-immune or related to medical causes.

Before embarking on a course of PRP we prefer you to see a specialist in hair to ensure that the basics have been covered; nutrition, androgen control (over the counter or prescription) and exclusion of medical conditions. We recommend Dr Vicky Jolliffe who will provide a full check-up. Only if necessary will she recommend PRP. We don’t treat unnecessarily.