"Toxin" is the new term for the prescription medicine that literally paralyses muscles; Botulinum toxin. Toxin has been available for many years now and there are several brands at our disposal. Some people believe that each brand has its own characteristics; research has not necessarily backed this up. Because “toxin” is a prescription medicine we are not allowed to discuss or to promote its use, although this can be included in your consultation.

Toxin is used to reduce the activity of the muscles that pull down - those around the eyes, the frown area and the upper part of the forehead. By combining some or all of these areas the desired effect can be achieved - opening the eyes, looking less angry, lifting and smoothing out the forehead or just looking fresher and brighter. Because Toxin minimises movement, it can also be used to prevent lines - recommended for the younger individual.

Toxin also helps migraine and headaches. By reducing the activity of the muscles of the face those around the neck, head and shoulders can also be relaxed. We hold stress in these areas; relaxing these muscles can reduce tension and pain.

Toxin is also used very successfully to reduce excess perspiration. This is covered in the "body" section.