Excess Skin/Hooded Eyes


The non-surgical way to remove excess skin. Plasma is the new buzz word; it is the fourth state of matter; an energy force that shrinks and reduces skin, scars, tags and benign growths. Its most exciting application is for the reduction of excess skin around the eyes resulting in a non-surgical blepharoplasty.
With a bit of numbing cream beforehand, the treatment is totally tolerable and takes less than fifteen minutes. Afterwards the treated area will swell but heals rapidly. Results are visible after a few months but continue to improve over the next six months and last for many years.
Plasmage is recommended for hooded eyes, baggy eyes, skin tags, overgrown scars, brown spots and some skin lesions.

Hollow Eyes

The eye area is one of the first areas to show volume loss, resulting in hollow eyes, dark shadows, tiredness and crow’s feet.
Fillers carefully placed around the eye area can restore volume, reduce shadows and improve the light play, instantly removing years from the face. For this delicate area we always use a cannula.