The Pronokal diet

We tried to introduce the Pronokal diet into the clinic a few years ago but most of our lovely clients know how to take care of their bodies; eating well and exercising regularly. A healthy lifestyle is essential to the full enjoyment of life and expectation of continued activity.

However the Pronokal diet is not just for those who need to lose a lot of weight (although it is ideal for that purpose). The Pronokal diet is good for those who’d like to lose a few kilos and who know that unsupervised weight loss can cause weight loss in the wrong places.

The Pronokal diet can also help weight loss to maximise the Coolsculpting treatment.

The value of the Pronokal diet is that it rapidly stimulates fat loss rather than drawing on the muscles thus maintaining lean body mass. Sagging skin and drawn faces are avoided; the body retains its lean characteristics and muscle strength. Since we know that much of healthy calorie metabolism is controlled by the muscle mass then this can only be beneficial. A positive cycle is created; improved lean body mass improves calorie metabolism.

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The PronoKal Method ®

The PronoKal Method ® is a personalized weight loss and slimming treatment based on a strict programme that controls the intake of proteins, vitamins and minerals while reducing the intake of lipids and carbohydrates. It is conducted under medical supervision and complemented by a multidisciplinary team of professionals (registered dieticians, psychological adviser and personal trainer). The method is divided into three stages: active, re-education and maintenance.

These three stages are designed to enable you to reach the desired weight and maintain it long term thanks to having acquired new knowledge, healthier eating habits and the introduction of physical exercise into your daily routine.

In the first (or Active) stage, after a health check and medical history, Amanda will decide if the treatment is suitable for you. With your commitment you both agree to target 80% of the weight reduction during this stage. To achieve it you need to follow a diet composed of some vegetables and hydrolysed protein products combined with supplementation of vitamins and minerals. Each of these protein products contains 15 grams of high biological value proteins. Over time the hydrolysed protein products get replaced with normal healthy protein-rich foods. The intake of carbohydrates and fats are restricted in order to induce a state of ketosis. This process is closely monitored by Amanda and means that most of the required energy is sourced from the stored body fat. The result is a reduction in body fat.

On completion of the Active stage (Stage 1) you then move into the Re-education stage (Stage 2). This second stage is characterized by the progressive introduction of different food groups in the diet, allowing for the last 20% of the target weight loss. The rate of weight reduction during this second stage is slower than in the first stage; essential to allow for physiological adjustments and re-stabilization. Throughout this stage, dieticians are available to advise you and help in the adoption of a healthier lifestyle.

Once the target weight is reached you progress to the Maintenance stage (Stage 3). This third and final stage lasts two years during which you will follow a completely normal and balanced diet under the dieticians' supervision (free of charge), with the aim of maintaining the healthy results that you have achieved.

The work of Amanda and the dieticians is complemented by the participation of the personal trainer and psychological coach. The role of the personal trainer is to advise you  on appropriate exercises for each stage of treatment (many of which can be done at home). The aim is to speed-up the metabolic rate, accelerating the weight loss and improving muscle tone. The psychological coach can help you to find the intellectual and emotional tools that reinforce the commitment to following the path towards acquiring a healthy weight and improved quality of life.

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