Consultation £60 Non-refundable in the event of cancellation or change within 24 hours or non-attendance (From April 1st 2015)

Fillers and Volumisers Hyaluronic acid fillers per 1ml/syringe £360 As a guide we use 2mls for the cheek area (£720) but lips, temples, marionette lines, chin, tear trough we prefer to use just 1ml. Further treatments can be performed later.

Sculptra per vial £450 2 vials £800. Since we have to make up the Sculptra prior to your visit we ask for a 50% non-refundable deposit.

Skin Boosters Restylane Vita £240

Muscle freezing 1 vial (enough for frown, eyes +/- forehead) £360

1/2 vial (frown or eyes only) £250

Perspiration Control £600

Threading SILHOUETTE (2 threads) £1400

SILHOUETTE (4 threads) £1600

V Soft Lift full face and neck £1100

V Soft Barbed threads £720

Aqualyx Fat Reduction Chin area £400

Other areas to be discussed

Dermaroller/eDermastamp £360

Brightening Facial £120 - intense serum £150

Vitamin Facial (mesotherapy) £120

Gentle Peeling first peel includes recovery cream and sun block £180

Follow up Peeling £120

Medium Depth Peeling TCA single layer face, neck, hands, décolleté or arms. £360 per area including recovery cream and sun block

TCA full peel face, neck, hands, décolleté or arms

£480 per area including recovery cream and sunblock.

PRP (Platelet Rich Plasma) Face, neck and hair loss £500

Skin tightening: accent/sublime Full face £360

Half face £200

Neck £200

Body areas from £200-£250

Pigment control Cosmelan full treatment £650

Cosmelan 2 creams £180

Cryopen for brown marks £180

E-MATRIX sublative resurfacing Full face £800

Half face or neck £500

Specific area (eyes, mouth) £330

Minor surgery First few lesions £330

Further lesions – price will be discussed at consultation.

Excluding charge by lab for histology if necessary £50

Semi-permanent make-up Eyebrows £360 Includes follow up treatment and healing cream

Eyeliner £360 Includes follow up treatment and healing cream

Lip liner with lip blush £460

Medical semi-permanent correction £550

"Colour boost" £180

Body Treatments Sclerotherapy £250

Mesotherapy £120

Coolsculpting Large area or two small areas £900

Small area £500

IPL/NdYAG Laser IPL Test patch minimum 24 hours prior to treatment – free of charge

Small area £120

Back of hands £190

Nose and cheeks £160

Full face £220

Larger areas £330-£440

Laser Genesis Full face £250

Full face and neck £350

Décolleté £250

Hands £250

Verruca Removal Per verruca includes decrusting and laser treatment £200

Fungal nail bed infection All toes treated (necessary for reliable results £450. Check up and top-up if necessary in six months included

Massage 90 minutes £90

60 minutes £60

40 minutes £40

Thai reflexology 40 minutes £40

Thai Yoga Massage £180

Hair Removal – Ladies Abdomen £70

Arms £84

Forearms £70

Underarms £42

Legs £210

Lower legs £105

Bikini (Standard) £63

Bikini (Thong) £73

Bikini (Full clearance) £112

Upper lip £31

Upper lip and chin £56

Chin £31

Hair Removal – Men Abdomen £105

Arms £119

Forearms £84

Underarms £56

Legs £245

Lower legs £196

Back and shoulders £175

Buttocks £84

Thong £126

Upper lip £31

Upper lip and chin £56

Beard £91

Side burns £42

Chest £154

If you would prefer to download our price list, please click here

Booking Policy

We trust you to arrive on time, nevertheless we remind you the day before. If you cannot make the appointment, please give us 48 hours’ notice so that somebody else can take the space. Cancelling at late notice deprives others of an appointment and frustrates all of us. If you repeatedly cancel within 48 hours, we will politely ask you to pay towards the cost of the next treatment; this will be £100. This will be taken off the cost of the treatment on your arrival, or forfeited in the case of non-arrival.

Massage booking policy

£40 non-refundable deposit in the event of cancellation or change within 24 hours or non-attendance.
We accept cash, cheques and all major credit cards.


We all work different days and have different personalities. After meeting us, you will be able to choose your preferred practitioner. We are all skilled and experienced in the procedures that we perform. Follow-up treatments with your chosen practitioner are almost always possible at the time you would like. Sometimes early booking is recommended, especially for lunch time and evening appointments.

It is the first consultation that can sometimes be difficult to book at your preferred time. In order to ensure that waiting time for new appointments with Dr Dancey is kept to a minimum our more routine procedures and all laser/IPL/Dermaroller/dermastamp procedures are performed by Faye or Jit. The results will be the same.