We treat the face and the body as part of the whole person. We cannot achieve the best results without the help of the client and we will provide diet, exercise and lifestyle advice where necessary. Most people seeking cosmetic beauty treatments are already following a healthy lifestyle. We have personally tried all of our treatments, enjoy healthy lifestyles and will share out experiences with you.

The most common request is to look fresher, less tired and a bit younger. By combining a few simple techniques we can take off many years, make the skin fresher and brighter, make you look balanced, rested and restored, pretty and more vibrant.

We also treat skin that has been diseased or damaged by acne, scars, sun or smoking. Removing old scars and skin damage can revitalise not just your skin; it can give a real psychological boost and jump-start the rest of your life.

Skin-perfecting techniques repair and rejuvenate the skin at all levels, ensuring long-term skin health and beauty. We have techniques for repair and rejuvenation that suit all skin types and personal preferences; light or laser-based treatments, peeling and injections can all help depending on your particular requirements.

Volumising techniques, now understood to be the mainstay of anti-ageing and beauty routines, can be performed as a fast-fix or a longer-term project. A fast-fix can be maintained by longer lasting procedures thus ensuring the best possible results.

Lifting is now a real non-surgical possibility thanks to the introduction of absorbable threads.