Our face is our window to the world. Cosmetic medicine is not just cosmetic – it is anti-ageing and preventative. It improves self-esteem and elevates mood. It offers hope especially in the treatment of scars. It removes unpleasant or unwanted stigmata, such as facial hair, moles or deformity. Cosmetic medicine can be part of a holistic treatment for psychological disturbances and the aftermath of trauma, bereavement, severe illness and emotional trauma.

At an economic level we know that there is more chance of employment with a happy, pretty flawless face.

Psychologically we feel better, more confident and are treated better by our fellow man.

Early diagnosis of skin lesions using the dermatoscope ensures rapid treatment and in the case of melanoma, saves lives.

Research has shown us that regular treatment can combat the ageing process. Growth factors are released whenever we traumatise the skin. Growth factors repair damage, disease and promote healing. Features of the face are preserved better in people who have regular treatment than those who do not. Platelet-rich plasma, concentrating and activating growth factors can target the bony, structural facial areas and will slow down the global and fundamental changes in the face that occur during our lives.

Hyaluronic acid, used in our filler treatments, stimulates new collagen synthesis through direct action on the collagen-making fibroblasts in the body.